I feel so bad because I was all like “I AM BACK”. Yeah, I kinda suck at the whole maintaining my personal life, school, and blogs thing. Two out of the three things will be kept in check, but one thing will be left in the shadows. That happened to be my blogs. I update my LEGIT PERSONAL blog probably every other day or two days if not daily. I want to talk about all the things I’ve learned and observed for those hopeful Alexbelle shippers still. But I haven’t been able to. I seem like I kinda fell off the face of the earth. There was one thing after another that occurred. Just as I finished college stuff, which btw I AM GOING TO OFFICIALLY FIND OUT THE REST OF MY 8 DECISIONS IN ABOUT 3-4 WEEKS FOR THOSE WHO CARE, more things came up. To say the least, I’m terrified. I have become quite busy. I just feel like there’s no time for certain things. I had to sacrifice a few things to get where I needed to be. I guess it worked. Alexbelle tag & shippers I have been observing from a far, and I have been observing other things if you know what I mean. So yeah…this week is a bad week. I have things going on every single day. I don’t get a break for probably the next to weeks, which sucks. I’m a senior. I shouldn’t be going through all this, but it’s my fault for saying “Hey why not take the classes that actually require effort.” I will eternally be telling myself “Dumb move”. Anyways… the 127 people still following this blog and will see this post on their dashboards, hola. I am truly sorry for my dysfunctional and inefficient ways at balancing things. Blogging isn’t just a hobby.. it’s pretty much an extra lifestyle, which I couldn’t fully commit too for much of the time that has passed since senior year started. Again, I apologize. Love you all though.